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Spinal Health Products

We carry the following items to promote and support optimal healing for a quick return to an active lifestyle!  Call us at (860) 928-2292 for more information regarding pricing and product ordering.


Biofreeze products effectively relieve pain from sore muscles, muscle sprains, back, shoulder and neck pain, arthritis, and painful joints.

Lumbar PillowLumbar Support Pillow

Provides excellent lumbar support to relieve lower back ache, strain or discomfort. This famous back cushion was invented by chiropractor, Dr. John W. Fiore to support the lower back laterally and vertically, thus reducing low back pain while driving or sitting. Maintaining the normal curve in the lower back is essential to reducing the incidence of low back fatigue that predispose the disc to disease, injury and herniation.

ChiroFlow PillowChiroFlow Cervical Pillow

With its water layer at the base, provides outstanding comfort and responsive support for the head and neck. It is essential in restoring the support lost by a change in the normal neck curve due to car accident or injury, and can make significant difference in sleep quality.

Reusable Hot Cold PackReusable Hot/Cold Pack

Reusable gel packs offer durable construction with fewer seams. Store in your refrigerator for cold therapy. Heat in hot water or microwave for heat therapy. The pack remains flexible and comfortable at all temperatures. Formulated with non-caustic materials and maintains therapeutic temperature for up to 30 minutes.

Cryo CupCryoCup

Ice massage tool for the treatment of strains, sprains, muscle spasm, pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. Combines the cooling response of an ice pack with the effectiveness of ice massage.


The Thera-Ciser Exercise System is a unique combination of a versatile, simple to use Thera-Ciser and simple to use Bio-mechanical Exercises.Optimizes muscular tone, enhances muscle speed, strength and endurance, re-educates of muscle action, relieves from pain, increases blood supply, loosens scar tissue.

Moist Heat TherapyMoist Heat Therapy Wrap

Microwavable moist heat pack. Receive the same soothing moist heat therapy as at Dr. Burns’ office. Soothing relief for chronic pain, arthritis, muscle aches, low back pain, migraines, menstrual cramps and carpal tunnel syndrome. Therapeutic beads and soft fleece provide soothing, comfortable relief. No water needed.

Portable Neck TractionPortable Neck Traction

Place unit around neck. Press the inflation bulb. Product fills with air and provides gentle neck traction. Reduces tight muscles, joint pain, disc pressure, neck pain, tension headaches and nerve pressure.

Fit BallFit Ball

The Fit Ball is a simple exercise tool, which provides a safe and effective method of strengthening and toning your physique. They also can be used a seating for at home or in the office to help support the natural curve of the spine while sitting at a desk.


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