BrainTap Brainwave Therapy to Reduce Stress

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What is BrainTap?

BrainTap is the process of reaching deep levels of relaxation and using guided visualization to form mental images. Visualization is the primary component of the imagination and is at the core of the human ability to create, innovate, and dream.

How does BrainTap work?

To overcome the brutal effects of stress, you need to get out of fight-or-flight response and into the relaxation response. BrainTap trains your brain to generate more Alpha and Theta waves and fewer Beta waves. There are four brainwave frequencies:

BETA 13-30 Hz: This is the wide-awake alert state where you spend most of your waking life. Beta is your reactionary mind. It is the level of your mind where fears, frustrations and negative emotions are processed. This is also where your strongest filtering system operates. It is called the critical factor. The key purpose in using the Stress Relief Therapy is to train your mind to get out of this state where stress is dominant.

ALPHA 8-13 Hz: This is the frequency most associated with creativity, imagination and flow. Alpha is the intuitive mind. It is also the brain state associated with relaxation, tranquility and daydreaming. Flow thinking, or a state of “inward awareness,” takes place in alpha. It is also known as a super-learning state.

THETA 4-8 Hz: This is the breakthrough state where you can reinvent your life. Theta is the inventive mind. It borders on sleep and is a meditative state with access to the other-than-conscious mind where you have higher levels of creativity, learning, and inspiration. It is also the state in which the S.R.T helps you to visualize and realize your goals.

DELTA 1-4 Hz: This is deep, dreamless sleep. Delta is the unconscious mind. The S.R.T is designed to keep you from falling into this state of sleep. This is why the light and sound patterns of the BrainTap system continue to change throughout the session.

What are the Benefits of BrainTap?

  • The right and left hemispheres of the brain become more balanced
  • Blood flow to the brain increases, resulting in clearer thinking, better concentration, improved memory, and enhanced well-being
  • Serotonin levels increase by up to 21%
  • Endorphin levels increase by up to 25%
  • Users report better sleep and increased energy
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