The Stadium Chair Recommendation

As an employee of a busy chiropractic office, Dr. Burns is sure to educate me on the key concepts of preventative care of my spine.  As a mother of athletic children, I often spend my weekends with long hours on gymnasium bleachers.  I’ve tried several products to mitigate the discomfort caused by rooting on my favorite athletes with moderate results.   Long weekends of athletic events caused discomfort throughout the week without success until I found The Stadium Chair.

The Stadium Chair is portable seating designed to ease the impact of bleacher seating.  The chair is sturdy with a back rest that will not recline against the pressure of your body and the seat is constructed so you are elevated from the actual bleacher seat.  Foam feet ensure that the chair will not slide or slip on the bleachers and provide safe and secure seating.

The Stadium Chair has made a huge difference in my comfort level not only during the sporting activity but throughout the following week.  Based upon my experience with The Stadium Chair, Dr. Burns encouraged me to share my recommendation with the patients of Advanced Back and Wellness Center.

Bethany Anderson
Front Desk Manager
Advanced Back & Wellness Center

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